Snowscoot it!

You might have heard or you might have even tried a Blackmountain snowscoot before but « SNOWSCOOT IT » is about to make you want to try or try again and go on the hunt for fresh powder, or look for some nice wood sections or snowpark action.

Fabien Cousinié , MTB world cup rider , 3 times snowscoot world champ and Enguerran Aubry show you the diversity of what you can do on a snowscoot. Some new possibilities such as scrubing or taking the lift standing up on the handle bars!
SNOWSCOOT IT , is also the first time snowscoot is filmed in slowmotion to make sure you have time to see how rad and easy it can be.

If for your 2014 resolution you've planned to tried something different , riding a Blackmountain snowscoot in the powder should be on your list !

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